Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting Off the Rollercoaster

I'm back from my poker vacation. It started off bad with a hundred dollar loss at Hustler, I don't even remember the details. Then I went to Palm Springs and played at Spa Resort Casino. I played in a $40 no limit tournament. Sixteen people showed up. My first table everyone was playing so quiet and by the book. After not catching any cards the first 2 levels I picked up pocket 7's in the small blind just as the blinds went up. As usual there were a few limpers, so I shoved all -in, with about 15 blinds. The whole table gave me a crazy stare, I even got a "It's too early to be doing that kid". Well the big blind had Pocket Ten's and called. The door card was a seven and I was good. Well close to the end of that round I got 10-9 in the big blind. There was a raise and 2 callers, so I called being chip leader. Well the flop came 10-9-rag with two spades. I checked, initial raiser bet who got raised, the fourth person (didn't have enough to call the second raise) went all-in. I went all-in also and got called by the other 2. My thinking was that I'm chip leader, and it wouldn't destroy me by calling. With me having top pair the chances that I'm against a big set is small. I think I got maybe two over pairs, and maybe A-10. Well a four way pot, and I was ahead against 2 kings, A-k of spades and something I forgot like a weak pair of tens. I help up and busted 3 people in one hand, making the final table come together at 11 people. In this format they guaranteed a $1,000 prize pool and 5 places paid. I was chip leader going into the final table( never thought I say that). Well the money bubble busted in the funniest way I have ever seen. He was the blind and was forced all-in, there was a raise and 2 callers he just mucked and walked out the poker room. After that it wasn't too funny as I got 5th place when I made the mistake of flopping top pair with 6 big blinds left as short handed usually is at these tournaments. I won $65. (Don't think they kept to their $1,000 guarantee)

Then after this tiny win, I was inspired to hit the cash games again at Hustler. It was Thanksgiving day, I put in 2 four hour sessions for a profit of $160, the games were so alive it was strange on a holiday. Then on a trip back to Palm Springs, I dusted off my old limit poker skills and played 3-6 limit. The table was great I was right in the middle of four tourist and four palm springs retirees who you could tell well regulars. I made $120 there in about 2 hours, I had to quit cause I ordered a drink that gave me a bad headache.

So the years grand total ( not a grand like I expected ) comes out to $555 profit. A little over halfway of my goal, but not a disappointing year at all. At my peak I was up over $1400, and my low was about $200. I never was in the negative and I never gave up.

My next post will be about my poker year in general outside of the cash, with my 2009 wrap-up.

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