Friday, August 14, 2009

The 2009 World Series of Poker

It's been awhile since I updated. It's hard to write stuff when you keep losing, more about that later. I made 2 trips this year to the WSOP. I first went out for the $40K HORSE event and at the same time Champions Invitational. So randomly after watching a movie in L.A. I decided to go to Vegas with my old roomate. We get there at 9 in the morning and head over to the Rio. Doyle Brunson and Mike Carol were having a poker seminar. It was nice had good topics and I got a free book and got to ask Doyle questions. I also got to watch the $40K event final 5 players play. I even got my face on the ESPN broadcast.
My next trip was for the Main Event. I went for 6 days, because my hotel was comped and I could get off work. I got to see the not so great Poker Palooza. I did get a chance to play Jonny Loden thinks with Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiri. I got to meet last years winner Peter Eastgate. Funny story Eastgate and Raymer had autograph signing right next to each other, no one was in like for Eastgate and Raymer was a 15 minute wait. I also ran into an old friend of mine who was playing in the main event. He made all the way to day 3, and I got to sweat him on the rail each day. Phil Ivey made the November Nine this year!
Now the whole week I was there I only lost $100. This is because of the big session I had at Imperial Palace for $300. Then I got a dumb tip to head over to the Ventitian and play. I way over played A-K while having top set, I lost 200$ to a straight. Then I went back to Imperial Palace and lost $200.
I have not had any winning sessions in a while. I put another $100 into Full Tilt to get a bonus, thats not working so well. I add up my year total to +$350. I know a win is good but I'm not happy at all with the results. I had about a thousand dollar downswing in a few months. My yearly goal was to make $1000. Now with 5 months to go I have to win a lot more. I definitly can contribute some losses to bad playing but I can also say I have got hit with bad luck.
I am not giving up, but I am just taking a break, I got a few other things besides poker that are taking away my concentration. Later.

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