Thursday, May 14, 2009

I went down to Commerce Casino with a friend to play in the satellite they have for the upcoming California State Poker Championship. I played one $40 satellite. I got with when I had second pair and open ended straight draw on the turn but ran into Aces and didn't improve. My friend got second in one. After that we moved to the cash games. I played in the $40 game. I lost my first buy-in really fast ( one hand) and then I re-bought. I lost my second buy-in on this hand:

I had 5-6 off suit in the big blind. The button makes it $5 to go. I call and the flop comes 5-J-6, and since there is 3 other players I bet $8 hoping to get someone to raise or since there is no flush draws yet get weaker draws out. The button min raises to $10. I make it $40, leaving myself about $12 behind. The button just calls. Well only having $12 left I can't fold unless a Jack comes out but really I don't think I'll fold. Well the turn is a 5 and I act like Im just going all-in because I'm committed. I get a call and as I am about to turn over my cards the dealer turns over the river and a Queen comes out. YEP, the button had Q-Q!! Later the guy was involved in a hand where he said "Oh, if I called those would have been my chips too a player". I quickly said "All those chips should be mine so don't even start to complain. 

I thought I could outplay the table and bought back in. I was right I outplayed the players, but not the cards. I always got my money in good but was outdrawn again. Down $160 I did what any other poker player would do, I bought into a higher limit game to try and make my money back. I went to the $100 table and worked up to $140 before that game got busted and I was moved to a new table. I chipped away to about $100 again and was dealt Qc-Jc. I call the $3 and some makes it $20, and I call along with 2 others, one person makes it $100 and again 2 caller. I tank for a little bit. If I call the pot is $400 and If I win I would be up for the night. I know my cards are not the best pre-flop for sure. My other opponents didn't re-raise the $100 meaning they don't have a great hand. One player is All-in too so If the two lives stacks battle after the flop it is most likely one will move in on the flop. I think I am against 2 other players and I have a good hand to crack a big pair. I call which I know now is a bad call, but I was tired and desperate. The flop comes Jack high which I like. The 100$ bettor goes all-in the other folds. The turn is a Queen and I like even more. The river is a blank and Im first to act and I show still unsure. The next guy who went all-in after the flop has KK, but the third player has QQ. 

So I lose $260 all thanks to Q-Q. I am going to play the $220 tournament on May 16th. There will be a $200,000 guarantee and a field of about 2,000 players. 

Year total $990.

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