Saturday, May 30, 2009

The California State Poker Championship

I played in the day two of the $220, California State Poker Championship. I sat my first table with 3,000 chips. Two hours into the tournament everyone at my table was just exchanging chips. I had 2,800 when my table finally busted and I was moved to a new table right before the break. At my table was pro Paul Darden. My very first hand at the new table I got K-Q under the gun (UTG). I limped and the first behind me made it 350 total. One caller and then me I called the 250 more. The flop came Q-10-4 I bet $650, and the initial raised enough for me to go all-in. I tanked.

If I fold I will have $1800 and the blinds after the break is 100-200. I was already short stack at the table. All I could think he had was A-Q, or making a move on me before a break. Well I called with a bad feeling. I was right because he called, showing pocket tens. I didn't even make it to the break. 

I lost a 20$ last longer bet with a friend and then I went to the cash games and made $85.

Year total: +995.

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