Thursday, April 16, 2009

Every Streak Comes to an End

I knew it would happen, I finally lost. I played at Hustler in the 100$ max game. Got no cards better then 88 or A7 in about 3 hours at one table. I lost 70$ then asked for a table change. I went to the new table and added on $60 for $90 total buy-in and that was gone in about 2 hours. I played bad, but my cards were even worse. I lost $160. I also think that Hustler raised the rake of the game, now it is $4+1  nine handed.

Year Total : +1250

Monday, April 06, 2009

Hit and Run!

I traveled down to Morongo Casino  outside of Palm Springs. I went and played the $40 min and $200 max, with blinds at $1-3$. Last time I was here the game was $100 max and $2 for the big blind. I bought in for $100, expecting this to be the max. I play about 20 minutes and get down to $66. I am the big blind and post $3. The next person behind me straddles and make it $6. A straddle is a blind raise that gives that player an option still, as oppose to a blind raise. There is a few callers. Then the action is to me and I have pocket sixes, I instantly thought shove, but then i considered a few things. The player behind me was an action player and had over $1000 in front of him so I don't want to just raise a little and get committed with a crappy flop. The players who called I am unsure of also because I don't have much knowledge gather in 20 minutes. I call the extra 3$ and then the player makes it $15 total. There is one caller and the rest fold to me. Since I was considering shipping it earlier this makes it better for me to move in, because the loose person would call me and I might be heads up since the tighter player just called the reraise. I go all-in for $66 total and only the big action player calls because its his son's favorite hand Ace-2. I manage to hold and up $150. The very next hand I get Q-Q. I make it $15 total. I get two callers to the flop, one being the action player and a new person. The flop is 9 high with 2 hearts. I bet $40 and get one caller. It is the new person. The turn is the Q (non-heart) and I thought I went all-in but I had forgot the $20 stack of $1 chips. I must have made it look like I was stealing or that I wasn't sure enough to put all-in. He went all-in and I put my little stack in. The river came a non heart and he flipped over the busted Ace high flush draw. He went all-in on a flush draw because his friends wanted to leave. About 4 or 5 hands later I get  pocket 4's and limp to an unraised pot. The flop is 9-4-3, gives me a four and its checked to me who bets $25. I bet a bit more then my normal based on how loose the table is calling and to make it seem like I am trying to push around the table with my new money. The action player from before calls, and the turn is an 8. I know my hand is still good but I am not sure what he has so I stick with the same bet of $25. He calls. The river is a 10 which kinda scares me but I only think he has a straight like 5% of the time, because I really put him on a pair hoping he hit two pair. I  bet $30 and and he called. I showed and he walked away from the table, he had Q-9.  I stack up all my chips and I have $450. It has been half an hour and lots of new players who all bought in for $100 or less. Besides me one other player has over $200. I start to think. I have made over $350 in one round of the button in a half hour session. I also went to the casino with 3 friends that were trying to play the slots but just waiting at the bar for me . I say trying because the place was packed. I then decided to just take my winnings and go. YEP, I did a hit and run. Yeah I think I was a favorite over the table with my stack and skills, but there are many new short stack players and I was on a rush of cards not much was skill. I decided I rather just leave and hang out with my friends who are only at the casino because of me then try to win a little more. 

Year totals: +$1410

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

One Outer, One Large Pot

I went to Hustler to play in the 100$ game. I had about $120 when I got KK. An early player made it $8 and 2 callers then I raised to $28 total. Then one person called and then the initial raiser called, the next to act goes into the tank. He takes a while and ships all-in for about $90 total. One player behind goes all in for less then my original raise. I shove all-in too and get one caller behind. I had the 3 other players covered. The flop comes 2-K-8, the turn is an 8. I show first cause I hate waiting or dragging it out. Two of the other players show. First shows AK or hearts, the second player who tanked earlier has AA. Wow was I surprised but I couldn't play the hand any other way. The pot was $320. I cashed out shortly after for a winning session of $200.

Year total: +1060.