Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just Keep Grinding

I decided to take a shot at the 100$ game at Commerce. That lasted about 30 minutes as my bottom set lost to middle set. So, I moved down back to the $40 to give it a try. I ended up doing really good and made $100 profit back so I went back up to the $100 game. This time I lasted longer but did not win any hands for a about 2 hours. I just sat and waited around for cards. This table was very loose and aggressive. At least 6 people had over $300. I realized that I was not playing well at this kind of table. With the blinds at $2-3$, that's $5 a round about 20 rounds.  I felt that with once I was down to 60$ or less if I call a raise and saw I flop I would have to ship it all-in. It basically took all the strategy away from my game and I just had to win coin tosses. I got Aces once and triple up to like $200 once and was going to pack up but then a new guy came to the table and after I raised $20 he moved all-in for 95$ and one other deep stacked player called. I then called the remaining 75$ with AhQh. The flop came Q-8-8 and I thought I was good until the new guy showed QQ. Then I was back to my little stack grinding. Well I was about to quit until I got AsQs and ship 70$ all-in after one player raised. I got to callers and the flop was 6s5d4c, one player went all-in and the other folded. He showed Aces, and I got out of my seat to walk away but then the board went spade, spade giving me the nut flush. I cashed out with a profit of $100 for 7 hours of grinding. I learned I might not be ready for the $100 game unless I have a couple of buy-ins for that game.
Year Total +$860

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just for fun.

I'm going to start this blog with a term and definition which is something I had a request for and something I will try.

Rake: It is the money taken from the pot by the house. It can either be a percentage or a set dollar amount based on the number of players at the table. Part of which can also go to the casino jackpot collection.

I went down to Hawaiian Gardens with a friend who does not play much poker outside of home games. He only like to play the $20.00 buy-ins that they have here. I sat down and play a little bit. The blinds were $1 and $1. The game was nine handed and the rake was $3.50. This meant that for any player to make money from just betting the flop and everyone folds, they would only make $0.50. So just playing the blinds you would last 10 levels. Lets say that for every round of the button there is 7 flops, that's $24.50 taken off the table. Which makes this game hard to beat even with the bad players. I know all casinos take a rake because that is how casinos make money from poker games , but this rake is really high. The Commerce Casino has a $40 buy in game and that rake nine handed is only $3.00. That's double the buy in and less rake. That is why I told my friend he needs to find another game or a casino to play at.

I took my own advice and played at the $40.00 game there after loosing 3 buys in at the 20$. I got lucky a few hands and had about $90 at the table. Also, at the is game they only have $2 chips and they say bets in amounts of chips not dollars, so it takes a while to realize how much bets are and pots.  I got pocket Jacks in the Big Blind and raised 10$ so its 12$ total. I get 4 callers. The flop is Qc 6s 10h. I'm first and bet 16$ and get two callers. The fact that the guy to my left didn't raise meant he either had a real weak Queen or a Ten. The other guy who called me I wasn't sure about but he looked like he only called cause the other guy called and gave him odds. The turn is 7c and I bet $20 because I don't think anyone has a queen and I don't like the board having so many draws.  The guy to my left thinks for a little bit and thinks a little longer then takes he whole stack and pushes it toward the pot. The other guy folds and I think about how the guy reacted. On a previous hand he had two pair and raised me but didn't go all in. The guy looks like he is trying scare me away and has some draw. I decide to call thinking that I was 50/50. As soon as I called he said "Good Call", and my jacks held as he mucked. I cashed out $140 minus the $60 loss at the other table, that's $80 profit.

My year total so far is +$760

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Running Good Always Helps

I went down to Hustler Casino last Saturday night. I played in the $50 min $100 max No limit game and bought in for $100. My first read of the table was there was 6 bad players and 3 good players including myself (I had to say that). There was one player who played every other hand, and if he raised (which he did a lot) he would always make it $8. This hand happened while I was the big blind and had a starting stack of $140. The action player in seat 3 raise to 8, one caller behind him and then it was folded down to me. I had the King of clubs and 10 of clubs. The flop is Jc 4s 9c. I check and seat 3 bets 6$. This bet didn't mean much to me at first, because this looked like his standard continuation bet. The next player raised $20, making it $26 for me to call. This player was one of the players I considered a good player and I respected the raise. I thought for a little bit, I had 9 outs to a flush and a gut shot straight draw. I called. Then seat 3 re-raised to 66$ total. The other player folded and I went into the tank. The other player folded quickly meaning he did have a strong hand and was trying to push the aggressor off his hand, so i assume a pair of jacks or weaker. I also think about how much I put into the pot 26+8=34$. It cost me 40$ and I will have $70 left in my stack, which if I hit my hand I will most likely get paid off because the pot is real big and he wouldn't fold. I make the call. The turn is the King of spades. I decide now is the best time to ship all my chips in. I think that I'm at representing that I hit my straight or I beat his AJ or QQ. He calls really quickly and shows JJ for a set. Well the river is the Qc and I hit the straight flush. 

I was playing very tight poker and would only limp into pots with decent hands and get out if i missed the flop. One of the 3 times I raised pre-flop all night was with AK. I made it $12 to go and got 4 callers, including Seat 3 for before. The flop comes K-5-5. I bet 40$. One player folds and Seat 3 goes all-in for like 88$. I don't really think I could fold here and I call with a bad feeling. That feeling was right as he had 5h-9h. This hand really put me in a bad mood for a while that night. I wasn't sure if it was bad play on my part or just the fate of the cards on that one.  I sat quietly for a long time and the table changed players and there was more skilled and action players. 

I limped in with pocket 9's. The flop came 9s-5s-4d. Someone bet 6$ and I raised to 20$ and got one caller. The turn was Kh, and the other person just pointed to me, I asked if that was a check and he said yes. So I went all in, really not expecting a call, but this guy was talking so much about giving action that I thought maybe it would work. It did he called $70 on a flush draw and bricked on the river. I cashed out soon after that for a profit of $200. 

Year total- $680