Thursday, February 26, 2009

Two plus Two Poker Podcast Get Together.

This past Sunday I went down to again Commerce Casino to meet the Two Plus Two Poker Podcast Host and crew for a little get together. It also was day two of the Los Angeles Poker Classic Main event. I got there early so I went to the tournament room and railed for a little bit. I was surprised to see how packed the casino was but shocked how little people were watching the main event. I got to sit right behind Phil Ivey and only would have one or two at the most sit next to me to watch. By some sort of randomness I also got recognized while on the rail. An old friend of mine was playing in the event and later told me that he saw me. 

At seven o'clock I went down stairs to the sports bar to meet the crew of the 2+2 podcast. I have been a big fan of their show for a long time before they were sponsored by PokerStars. The host are Michael Johnson and Adam Schwartz. They were great guys to meet and hang out with. We had a few drink and hung out in the bar for a little while and I got to meet other fans of the show, TT who works with 2+2 and gets the guests and other stuff ,Bunner who does the technical stuff, Death Donkey who does training Videos for Deuces Cracked, Matt Waldron from Life's a Bluff. 

After a while in the bar, TT set up a private game for everyone one at the get together. The really cool thing was that they set up our private game in the high stakes poker room, where at the exact time all the pros were playing a couple of tables from us playing high stakes poker. We had two tables set up, one was a mixed game with limits of 4-8, and the other was a Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) game. I really don't have experience in either game but I choose PLO. I bought in for $100, that was the minimum basically. Other people bought in at the start up to 300$. I was playing really tight just trying to learn the game and pick only the good spots to play. I might have been up $100 before the game got really crazy for me. Everyone at the table, at the idea of the host Adam, decided we were going to play some $20 shooters. That was were everyone put in $20, and we each get dealt our cards but one would be face down. The dealer then deals all the way to the river and we see who ever wins. All I had was 2 pair with an 8 as one of my up cards and a pair on the board, but then I flipped my down card and it was an 8. I had a full house and got the first shooter. We decide to play one more, and I win again, two hands in a row!!! That was about $300 profit in two hands and no skill was needed. 

With me being a new PLO player I can't give much strategy but I think I played the next hand well. I was in the big blind with K-6-2-10. About 5 limpers to the flop. The flop is K-6-3 rainbow. I bet 10$ and get one caller, and now its heads up. The turn is a 4, which means a 5-2 hand gets there. I bet $20 and the player thinks for a while and calls. The turn is a 9, and I check. The board has no flush and only a 5-2 straight. The other player thinks for a while looks at his hand and throws in a rack of $1 chips( I think it was short 5$). I called right away, because I didn't think that he was pushing all of it on a straight when I have a very tight image and it looked like I gave up on the end. I read it as a steal or an unsure hand. I said two pair and he asked which, so I guess he had a smaller two pair. I played for about an hour more and left. 

I won $600 for the night which is the biggest win I've ever scored. That makes me up $480 for the year so far, much need toward my goal. I had so much fun hanging out with the 2+2 crew and fans. I even got mentioned in their next podcast. I think the Commerce Casino is my new favorite casino in Southern California.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

2009 LAPC

I went down to the poker capital of the world, Commerce Casino. It has the most poker tables of any casino. I went during the Los Angeles Poker Classic (LAPC). The day I went there were two events going on. The first was a $335 No limit event that got 1362 players, but they only were paying 99. The second one was the $10,000 H.O.R.S.E event. This is why I went to Commerce that day. There was a little under 100 players and all the well know pros were there. Many tables had 3-4 well known pros sitting next to each other. Like one table I called the Poker Road table, in seat one was Jeff Madsen(who ended up third in the event), seat two was Gavin Smith, then David Oppenheim, and seat four was Barry Greenstein. This was probably the best event I ever got to rail just because so many pros were just in one spot and there wasn't a huge crowd .

I decided to play in the $40 no limit game, there was no wait because I think every table in the place was open. I sat down at the first table and went through one buy in quickly when I flopped a pair of aces, but so did two other people who had better kickers. Then the strangest thing happen to me. I re-bought and had 40$ and a fifty cent chip, the dealer tossed me a $1 chip. I thought she wanted my fifty cent chip for change. She said, "No take it and good luck". Five minutes later she tells me I should go ask for a table change, and she told me again two minutes later to go tell the floorman. I have played poker in a casino for about 5 years and never have had a dealer give me a chip for luck or told me I should change tables.

I go to another table with 35$ because I called some blinds at the last table before I changed. This is the one thing I don't like about Commerce, I was told I had to come in with $40 exactly, even with a table change. I think this is a dumb rule  because I saw someone later do it with more then 40$ and they made him take chips of the table which is not fair to the players. Why would you want to take chips of the table? I'm also at this table for a about five minutes before we were told that our full game had to be moved upstairs. This was a mess 2 players didn't show up for  30 minutes, two players took chips of the table. However, our new location was upstairs where the tournaments were going on so I was a table away from the HORSE event. 

This table was full of real soft players, two boyfriend/girlfriend couples, and this really really drunk older woman who was one of most interesting characters I have met at the table. She would at random slam her hand as hard as she could on the table, and refer to everyone as a bad name or curse word. She is basically how the whole table made money. She would always do two things order a drink and rebuy. I lost count after $500 but she is what gave me my first double up when she call my all-in with middle pair. I just play by the book and picked my spots to play with good cards. I could afford to play tight and drain blinds, because as soon as I picked up a hand I could easily get paid off. After five hours I was up $100 and left only cause it was midnight and I had to go to work the next morning at 7. I plan on going back this weekend to watch the $10,000 main event they have and maybe play in the $100 game since there will be so much action.