Thursday, July 12, 2007

Vegas 2007 part 1

So in the spur of a moment, I booked a round trip ticket to Vegas on Greyhound for only 40$. The bus right took 6 hours, and when i got to Vegas it was almost 3a.m and like 100 degrees. So I was suppose to meet up with friends and stay with them. Only problem was that i got there too late, and they were totally wasted. They couldn't pick me up let alone understand where i was. So i was stranded on Fremont Street, with no place to go or plans. So after walking up and down Fremont twice and also being offered to buy joints by two random bums, I decided i needed to get a place to stay. I went to the Golden Nugget, and lucky they were booked solid because I would have spent a lot if i got a place there. I had to call my friends again and try to figure out where they were and how to get there. It ended up taking 6 phone calls and a super nice hotel attendant to get me directions. I map-quested it gave it to a cab driver. Cab trip cost me 34$ but it was cheaper then a hotel room for sure. I got to my friends uncle place. He was passed out on the couch but my other friend was awake, not fully understandable but at least awake. I slept on the floor and and woke up the next morning at about 11. We went to my friends cousins house and showered and change. Apparently, when my friend passed out, his family and friend decided it would be nice to draw with sharpie all over him. He had some on his leg and some on his back. He thought he got it all off, but upon leaving his house we saw a huge penis on the back of his neck, but he didnt believe us. He went all day with it on his neck. We were hungry, and headed to the Rio to get food and check out the W.S.O.P.