Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Hustlers Reunion Tour!

So before everyone goes to graduate school or "fat" camp, the four original Hustlers, went to Hustler. I started with Omaha 3-6 kill. Well i sat down and the only person under 40 for sure. I really want to learn this game, but the play was so weak and i couldn't get a hand. I lasted two hours on 50$ before the table broke. I only played two hands to the river, i never was dealt a good hand or hit, expect once. I went back to 50nl. I started at a new table, i love that. i got off to a great start, when a guy raise just 2$ on my big blind. Like everyone called, hes been doing this 2$ raise a couple times. I have 6c 9d, and the flop is 6d-6c-10h. I check and the original raiser goes all-in. I call and one other caller. Turn is something i forgot, but the other guy went all in and i call and went to 120$ real fast.
The table was full of beginners, i was the only one who raised more then four blinds pre-flop. I quickly got the image of being a bully and just putting in nice bets when i hit pairs, and if people push all in, at this table i was 90% sure my top pair was good and won.
One hand i was the button with pocket nines. A few limpers and i make it 10 to go. One caller and someone went all in for 13$ so i couldn't raise just call. Flop is 3-7-K rainbow, first to act looks to push me around and goes all in for 30$ more. The way he acted and the time he took i knew he didn't have a king, i was so sure of it, but i just folded cause i knew he was playing crazy and the 10 i put in pre-flop wasn't that important to me. Anyway since he had to show he had 7-8 and rivered two pair. I think i made a good lay-down cause even if i was sure he didn't have a king, i dint want to risk all that money for the small pot and i knew i get him later, and i did.
Well that table broke and i cash out for 160$. I put my name on the board for the next game.
My friend Luis was playing a juicy table he already had two racks and was just watch crazy hands, i wanted his table. So as a seat opened up, some guy standing by the table sat down, and i told Paul(the coolest floor man at hustler) that that guy took my seat and I'm from a broken game. so I got the seat. This is important cause the dudes friend was sitting at the table and was mad and when the guy got to sit at my table he was still mad.
I buy in for 50$ , drain until i have 30$ left and lose it all to a flush draw, i got my money in with the best but oh well. i short buy this time for 30$. This is when thing gets fun. I get some small pots when the table tightens up. Some guy raise to 10 after i limp, with 10-9. I'm the only caller. Flop is J-10-4. I check, and this guy with 300$ plus bets 20$, i go all in for 28 total so eight more to him. I called cause i didnt care and thought since he said he was going home now that he push me with any hand. Well he had K-J and i rivered a 10 for trips. The way this guy acted you would have thought i robbed him of all 300$. so for the next 10 minutes i had to hear "you call with that, u moved all in with that?".So he stayed half hour more to complain and then left. Well the table started leaving one by one.
Then five-handed, the first hand went like this:
Button:Guy who i took friends seat
SB: Guy who's seat i took!
BB:Old lady who plays all the time there and just calls
Me: I ask my friend if i should raise blind to liven the now shorten game up, i Do.
Dealer tells me i cant straddle, i tell him its a blind raise.
Luis: Calls the four dollars
Button:Raises to 12$
Next two players fold. I look for the first time at my hand and see 10-9 again, i call.
Luis: Calls
I then check dark. Flop is 10-9-3 rainbow. I just have a big smile inside.
Luis:Checks-Button:"make it 40$"
This is when i do the Phil hellmuth and shove my chips(55$) in faster then anything. However, Luis throws in a rack too, and the button calls!!!!
Well i was 100% sure I had button beat, cause he was trying to push me around, I put Luis on a set of threes.
I show my top two pair, Luis had pocket Queens,and button has K-10. My cards held up and i cash out 190 as the table bust. I just laugh all the way to the cashiers cage.
*Two notes, the dealer shorted my 55$ buy not giving me Luis's money he just pushed his rack back to him and forgot. Luis and I talked about this hand for an hour figuring out where everyone went wrong

So i cashed out +150 including omaha and blackjack losses

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

WSOP and my demise!

Well the World Series of Poker, seems to be getting good number of entries still. Maybe the main event will be over 6000 people, i was previuosly taking the under. Hellmuth won his 11th bracelet and boy wont he tell the whole world. Another one of my favorite players, Allen Cunningham, won his 5th bracelet. He has got one 3 years in a row. I also read that this win puts him 3rd overall on the alltime money winners at the WSOP, behind Gold and Hashem. Also, Phil Ivey got second in a omaha game.

Well i made a new decision for my blog. DO NOT POST PLANS. Im not going to post about plans and goals, i think i have a curse that when i do thins go wrong. I will just stick to what happens. I lost another trip to the casino, even though i got my second quads at a casino. I had crappy tables, crappy players, and i was playing like crap as well. So I am going to go with the old crew this friday and hopefully this being our last time together we will all win big!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Summer 2007 and the World Series of Poker.

Well school is out of the way. I can proudly say I didnt fail any of my classes, two did come close though. Today is the offical start of W.S.O.P. 2007. We got like 45 days of poker action. I can't wait to go up to vegas and see the action myself. Well besides vegas i have to start a summer plan of my own. Im playing some of the best poker ive played. I know now my game is at a higher level then last year. I want to really play poker to beat the game and advance. Sounds weird but last year i was trying to go pro and was worried about money. Im still in the same financial situation as last year almost, but I now have a different outlook. The money is still money, but now im playing for just winning. Taking a bad beat is ok, and winning 200$ in a pot is nice but, on that next hand i will play it still the same way. Last year how much i won or lose in the previous had alot more of an affect on my game. If i lose 200$ last weekend(like i did), it doesnt mean if i play tonight to win that back, i just play the best i can. I would love to build up a bank roll of maybe 500$ to got to vegas, and play a few satellites.
Also, the crew i run with is all over the place now and we cant play together anymore. Some are graduating, and some went home for the summer. I will have to tell my bad beat stories to my girlfriend now, which never gets me anything other then "oh that sucks". Im not sure she nows what a one outter for a few hundred feels like, but at least i get it off my chest.
I need to recruit more members of the crew, anyone in the L.A. area wanna join?

Also, i do have a few friends that want to learn and i forgot how i cant take them to hustlers and say "here after you lose 200$ ill teach u what u did wrong". Teaching is a lot harder now that i know so much. I cant explain pot odds and how to call a person with ace high if u think they are bluffing, unless i start with things like bluffing and sizes of bets. Also teaching poker is so hard cause like golf not everyone plays it the same way. I might be tight agressive but someone might be good at bluffing and calls bets i wouldnt even consider. I think u can only teach basics and strategy and the rest will just evolve with play.

Heres to the summer! Shuffle up and deal!!!