Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lady Luck stole my money!

Ok, so i knew the down side of poker would show its face again. I went to hustler again. Let me say first that they now have an elctronic poker table. I did not like it that much. Well I loss two of the biggest pots i was invovled in, with pocket Kings.
So first table i was playing aggressive as the table was real tight. I got my 50$ intial buy in up to about 135. I was late postion with Kc-Kd. I raise 10$, cause this table never raised so i wasnt sure what was normal. I got two callers, both of them were the blinds. Flop is Jh-10d-6s. First to act bets 25$ and he bets it strong, i pick this up as weak. Well next to act think for a while and calls. I see 50$ plus the pot, i know no matter what i raise ill be committed on the turn. I read them both as weak so i push exactly 125$ all-in. First guy i had right, he said "well ill gamble" and is all in for 100$, well the second guy takes a long time and finally calls, problem is he had a white chip(100$) that i dint see and covers me. Well turn and river are blanks. I show a pair ok Kings, first guy shows A-J. However the second guy shows Jc-10c for top two pair. I didnt think they both had such good jacks, and i didnt read the other guy as so good but he said he thought i had a set.
Lesson learned: Don't try to push everyone at a new table, and look to see what color chips everyone has.

Second hand, second table for me. I have 8c,8d. The woman who is first to act raises to 8$. I call and so do 4 other players. Flop is what i prayed for, Qd, 8s, 6s. The lady bets 10$, and i smooth call thinking it will be me and her and i can let her be aggressive, well i get 2 other callers behind me. So I tell myself if no spade hits ill push. Turn was 10c. She bets 10$ again. I push all in for 45$, everyone folds. She thinks and says she cant get away from the hand and think i have a straight but know if i do. Well she calls and the river is the Ks. Well she had pocket Kings. Wait, the other guy showed and told that he folded K-Q when i pushed all in. She hit a one outer on me to take my second biggest pot of the night. I handled this just as cool as if nothing happened, i am glad how well i took it, but i could have used the money instead of the tilt lesson.


Friday, May 11, 2007

My interview with Daniel Negreanu!!!!!

OK so the day seemed to start like a boring crappy day but ended up so weird and strange. I had to go to the Burbank Airport and pick up my dad. Well I had no idea what flight he was on, all i knew was Southwest. So I'm looking through the airport to get information and I'm looking at the line for southwest. My mind clicks and i back up 2 steps and i see Daniel Negreanu in line. I see him walking down the terminal and that's when i have my oh so professional and exciting interview with him. Here it goes word for word:
Me: Hi Daniel!
Daniel: Hey
Me: You heading to another tournament?
Daniel: No, I'm going home.

And that was my first interview with a pro poker player, so not too bad of a start.

So, later on my friend invites me too the casino. My friend doesn't play much real money poker, and only wants to play for 40$. We decided Hawaiian Gardens because of the 20$ no limit tables they have. Ok so we are on our way and my Friend is driving his car, and when we get off the freeway he stops at a 7-11 and has to get money. Well we get back in the car and his car wont shift gears and the car is stuck in park. So my friend goes back inside and says "hey my car wont run, please don't tow me, my friend and I are going to the casino, and we will come back and fix it in a couple hours". We then walk 2 blocks and walk in the Hawaiian gardens "Tent". ITS A TENT, for a poker room! They start a brand new game and blinds are 1-1. I hate this game, its like a freeroll with fake chips. I do not even attempt to play seriously. i hit a pair I'm moving in. So i get down to like 5$ then i go all in dark, and chop, next hand i go all in dark and lose. So i buy back in and i ask my friend "you dare me to go all in dark again". he dares me before the cards are dealt, but he was first to act and raise to 3$, i went all in dark. i expected no one to call. However 5 people call and my friend was number 6. So anyway Some donkey had pocket aces and it held up to scoop the pot. my friend had pocket tens. I actually had the third best hand with A 9. that's how ridiculous the table was. 6 people all in preflop and only 2 had pocket pairs, and i had an ace for the third best hand. Yeah so i blew my winning streak and lost a stupid 80$ on a stupid game i had no business playing.
Lessons learned:
1. next time i meet a pro have something better to say.
2. Never ride in my friends car again.
3. Never play 20$ no limit again
4. Never buy in, and go all in dark in the first hand!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Nice run now time for a vacation.

Well i just came off one of the best months I ever had playing poker, and it was all cash games. However, I'm not that good yet and i still have to go to school. This month is finals and i have to concentrate on these last few weeks so i can play poker all summer!(jk)
I want to take about strategy and other things i learned in poker. I play so much cash games this year, that i now dislike tournaments. My game has got so much better and its really built on cash games. what helped was playing a regular game and with regular buy in and people. I can try new things and learn so much from the other players i play with. Instead of playing with some for one night or just until you bust them. Also playing with the same people every week, is more challenging cause they know my game as much as i know theirs. So changing your game and playing different styles is so helpful.
I use to be a tight aggressive player, but i realize i wouldn't get involved into many pots, and people knew what kind of hands i played and wouldn't get involved with me for large pots. I learn to loosen up and play different hands and play them differently. I have been tearing up the cash games for a month now. A made about a thousand dollars in the last month and a half. I really think i should try to start a bankroll this summer but still considering.