Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What a nice ride!

well poker definitely is a roller coaster ride. The beginning of the year i was definitely stuck in the lows. However, now I'm doing real well. I went back to my home away from home, Hustler Casino. Bought into the 50 nl, 1-2 blinds game. I got to sit at the special table that Larry has set up for his famous Stud game. This table was like amateur night. It was like the opposite of that famous saying, cause in the the first half hour i was trying to find who wasn't a fish!
within 10 minutes of play i am BB, with QQ, a few limper's, guy to my right raises to 8, I rereaise to 20$, he reraises me all in for 50$. Now i call cause i think its just one of those cooler decks i hit right when i sit down. But, NO joke he had 10,9 Off suit!. He showed too.
That first hand scared me cause i hate playing at tables where people wont fold. But luckily it just got better from there.
the next two hands happened with the same guy within ten minutes, and i guess he had a bad memory caused he still didn't learn his lesson. I'm Sb, I get KK. Everyone limps like always, i make it 15 to go. He says "u got a small pocket, I'm all in". I call he has 88. I get 100$ from him. He goes to the atm comes back. One round later I'm the button with AA, i make it 15! agian, He says the same thing and pushes all in for 50$ with Ak off suit. Thank you Hustler for ATM's!
Now my biggest hand of the night was with the very first guy who doubled me up first. I have AA on the button. (i know im soooo lucky). He make it 10, i make it 30, he calls. (There was no hand this guy folded when he raised and was rerasied all night!) flop is safe- Ks,3h,7h. he bets 10 , and i bet 40$ cause this guy is lose and could have anything and will call anything. Turn is the worse card for me Kd. I hate it cause i thought he could only call my flop raise with a King. However, he opens his mouth,"Now i know u don't have a king and bets 20$" I was so sure he didn't have the king when he said that cause he talked like that all night, kind of like jaime gold trying to bully. I pushed all in for 145$ total, but man was my heart beating. I just sat and prayed he didn't instant call. Well he took like 2 minutes and said he folded a flush draw, and i believe him but i knew this guy could not be stop by a small bet.
I cash out 310$( so +260)

with that and the small win at the cash game at my house that puts me at 310 for the week. I'm almost at 600 for the month! later