Monday, March 26, 2007

Still got it!

Well I got peer pressured to go back to the casino. Poker is like that saying, "if you fall you have to get back on the horse". I made a trip with the whole crew to Hustler Casino in Gardena, CA. I signed up for 50 nl. The best floorman, Paul, told me they were starting a new table in just a bit. So we all go to the new Crystal room, the new add on to Hustler. Well it was a dream table with an all star cast of rookies and donkies, I also had one hell of a run of cards. For example very first hand im big blind and crack aces with J4 of clubs, cause the guy had no idea how to play them. The very next hand i get AJ and flop is 10, J,10 and the same guy gives me more money without showing his hand. So before must people have played a hand, i have literally more then doubled up by the same guy. I now have a good stack of 105 and dont look back for another couple hours. I seriously felted at LEAST 6 people, one hand two people with a turned nut flush. The craziest hand however made me a lot money and when i called i thought i was beat first.:

I am the small blind and get dealt QQ. (info: this table is full of limpers, im the only person who would raise more then 3 blinds pre-flop) I get maybe 6 limpers when the action is on me. I raise to 12 total.(blinds are a 1-2$). I get one caller in late postion, not good, but what can i expect with small blind. The worst flop, A, 10 K, rainbow. I check and he checks. I forgot to mention that a know very lil about this player, he is a young kid, my age, and he came to the tabel with his friend who is very aggressive, and they look a like so i think they look alike, but i dont remember him playing many hands. Turn is 4 of spades, making two spades now on the board. I check, he bets 4$. I call cause the pot is a lil over 30$ and 4$ i cant fold even if im beat. Ok, so the turn is great, the J of spades. I hit a gut shot and bet 10$, this is where things get crazy. Im looking down the whole time with my hat real low, all i see is his fingers touching his chips, he pauses and look up. He then stops touching his chips and looks at the dealer, and softly says "im all in".
Decision time: I have 250$ he went all in for 60$ more. I automatically think he has a flush, but then i think more into it. He called my raise pre-flop, check the flop, and bet 4$ on the turn. The four dollars on the turn seem like flush draw, but i cant see him checking an ace high flush draw on the flop or betting so small with it. I put him on two-pair or KQ for a straight. For some i look at him and dont put him on a monster, he wouldnt raise all in with the nuts cause i only put 10$ in, and he looked at the dealer. So, i take a 30 second decision, and call cause im up 200 and if i lose im still in a good position, and i have that gut feeling this hand is weird. I say "i call u got the flush?" He shows and Ace then a 6, i look to see the board one more time, i couldnt figure it out, but i showed my straight and raked the pot. i guess he read me as week, cause i checked, check-called. His read was good except when i hit the river.

This session i cashed out +250, and gave me a weekly total of +310. I guess my crappy streak is not so bad anymore