Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The good old days

Well my poker year didn't last long.

I can only remember the good old days when donkeys were wanted and paid you off. Now days all i get is bad beats. The last month and a half I would say i have had just terrible luck. I will have the best hand with my money in preflop 90% of the time 80% after the flop and still lose. I say that i lost 80% of my hands by bad beats. i have try different games and structures but cant get my hands to stay the winner. This is the hardest working semester i have ever had and i need to do so much to just stay with the classes. I dont have a ton of extra cash anymore and cant win more then a dime here and there. So i am officialy announcing my retirement from poker.(until schools over). I might play one tourney a month though just for fun, the one with friends and low buy in. Im not giving up poker at all though. It is my dream and I will always breath and sleep poker, but now i have to concentrate on bigger priorities.

The WPT is town this week and the table is on my day off so i might go see it but, i highly doubt i have that much extra time.

Bye Poker!(this feels worse then breaking up with my gf)