Saturday, January 13, 2007

Doctors Orders

Im kinda sick and doctor told me to stay home from work, so I got to go back to my old job at Hustler!
Well i went back to Hustler and waited like 30 minutes for a table which is way longer then normal. I got to a table with four people over the one rack mark two of which were had two racks. The play was tight and friendly. I made a lil profit with KK vs. an all in preflop against AK of spades i hate going against AK but someone folded AJ. I unfortunately busted my friend with 99, i was going to raise pre-flop but he did my work for me and we got 4 callers to the flop. Flop was 5,10,5. Everyone checked and my friend last to act pushed his last 25$ in and i Instant called for two reasons, I knew my friend had Ak or AQ or a real small pocket. i also instant called so i looked strong and no one else called. He had AJ and my hand held up.

I made it up to about 130$ when this hand came up. I am small blind with 5c6c. A very tight player raises to ten no callers and im feeling lucky and loose so I call. Heads up to he flop. Flop is Ac 6s 8c. I check and the pre-flop raiser bets 15$. i for sure put him on an ace but not that strong maybe A10 or A9. I call thinking that i hit my club i can make money and i feel i might be able to push him off his hand cause he is so tight. Turn i dont remember exactly it wasnt my club and it wasnt paint. I reached for chips and about to move them into the pot when i hear "twenty", i look up and the guy jumped the gun. This got me off my thoughts for a lil. I thought about his hand as maybe now a better Ace but nothing more, and i thought about pushing my whole stack now but i thought he might not fold a strong Ace. I call. The river is Kc. I check, im tryin to represent a weak ace. He bets 20 again. i look at him then i look at my stack and i have 85 behind i take only a second then say im all-in. well he called it look a few seconds but i knew he didnt have me beat. I threw my flush across the board and he showed AK, so the king of clubs on the river made me more then i thought. I love the check on the river caused i played it exactly like i wanted him to think i had a weaker ace. I knew he would bet the river caused thats all he liked to do was bet the river. I took a 280$ pot and cashed out an hour after with 200$ profit.

Bankroll=+200,-10(tuesday tournament) =$480

Friday, January 12, 2007

The house that Larry built!

Well I have been Quite busy lately. Not as busy as a few of crew members. Two of my friends set a new record they played in the casino 28 hours straight!(im so jealous) So they came back told us about thier run and then they went back with me and my friends for another 6 hour run just with a two hour break. Well I made 102$ with just small pots nothing really big.
I went back another day and my cards were getting colder and colder but since it was 4 in the morning they decided to move our table from the outside to a closer table with a card shuffler. Same people same seats just a table change. I was conused on the blinds and thought i was BB. The dealer said you going to stradle, i said no, but my friend told me to do it anyway. After 5 limpers i decide to look at my cards and wouldnt you know it Aces!!! I raise 20$ and get one caller, then i do a lil show and stop the dealer from flopping the cards and announce "All in dark". He called and i won.(Stradles are fun.) As i said earlier my cards were not the greatest so i had o bluff. my bluffs were going great that night. My first round at the table i decided to play loose. I have K5os in middle postion. Two other players were in for the flop. Flop is AQ5 rainbow. I bet 10 thinking that no one wold sit with an ace in the back without raising. I get 1 callers, not good but improvement. Turn i dont remeber, i just know it wasnt a scare card and i bet 15 and get called again. I got the read that he didnt have an ace but he thought i didnt have an ace either. So on the river i didnt even look at the card i just made my move and pushed my last 28$ into the pot. He said he thought i was bluffing but he didnt have a calling hand. A pull off a number of these and what gave me an advantage was i never showed a hand, people thought i was bluffing but they never had justifcation for feelings so they cant call.I won 75$ this session.

Bankroll=+177 = $290

Monday, January 08, 2007

A Ron Jeremy film?

Saturday, me and 3 friends went to an abandoned warehouse in Los Angeles to be extras in a poker movie. It's a small independent movie called "The River" and the kicker is Ron Jeremy plays a character in it. Well me and my friends got to be shot as crap players in an alley and Final Table audience and background poker players. However, me and my friends weren't acting we really were playing poker and other games for money, we got bored so we started playing hold-em and Posoi(spelling?). We really got into it and the director and other actors would just watch us play. A funny thing was we were playing at table on the side and out of the way, until they setup the table next to us and just started filming without asking us to move. Right before one take my friend got really excited caused he finally won a hand and he jumped up and threw up his arms right before the director said action, I thought we were going to get in major trouble but the director laughed and said"ok backgrounds ready, action". It was a half day shoot and unfortunately we never got to meet Ron.

Well me and friends couldn't let the lil action we got on set to fill our poker needs. So we set up a cash game at a friends near by house. The game was 10$ max buy in NLHM blinds .10-.20, so easy for me to say this didn't make me to happy. I easily dumped 20$ trying to call everything and bluff everyone. I was bored and could care less until more people showed up and I saw that they knew nothing. I took my last seven dollars and outplayed everyone until I cashed out 50 and me and my friend were the only ones with money.

Bankroll:+23 =113$

Friday, January 05, 2007

2007! I'm Back!

It has been a long time since I posted anything. I have a new years resolution to post at least once a week. I want to post more about tourneys, poker news, and hands I played. I do not play online hardly anymore. I have just been playing tourneys and cash games in my local area.

Every Tuesday night I play a two table 10$ buy-in NLHM tournament. The structure is as follows:200 in chips blinds 1-2, they go up every 15 minutes and they when someone bust. Also there is unlimited rebuys for the first hour and you get the full 200 in chips.Usually we get a minimum of 15-16 people and pay top four or five if more players pot with rebuys averages 200+.

So without and rebuys and a medium stack I make the final table of 8 players. I would say im third in chips in the beginning. We finally get to six handed and blinds are 20-40 and I have 350 in chips. I get pocket tens twice in about one round. I do exactly the same thing both times.I went all in to steal the blinds and limpers because the table is loose and with tens I don't want to see a flop.No action on the first pocket tens, but the second time I got called by KK. Well today I guess luck was on my side and I spiked a 10. I after we counted chips I realized he had more then me by just a lil and that my tournament life was at stake.

Now down to the money, we are four handed. I am the big blind and blinds are 30-60 with 3s 4s. There is a minimum raise from the first to act player and the following players goes all-in but doesn't have enough to cover the raise, so I call cause it not much to me and I'm already invested in the pot halfway and I can knock out a player. The flop is Jc 3d 7c. I check think it will be checked through until someone makes a hand to bust the all-in player. The pre-flop raiser bets, I immediately say "why the hell you do that I know you don't have anything why are u betting so much to get me out and let him win".With just bottom pair I angrily folded as he showed A8 offsuit and got beat by AQ no pairs.So I would have won and knocked him out but this guy didn't know any poker etiquette and bet into an empty pot. People told him how stupid he was and he shouldn't do that and I yelled at him just a lil bit(haha).

Final 3.(blinds 40-80)Again in the big blind and chip leader. The same guy from before minimum raises, the small calls and I look down at 2h3h.(I personally call this card the "Jordan"). I get a great flop A33. Small checks and I check, pre-flop raiser goes all-in and small folds and I call. He has A9, rivers a nine for two pair but still no good against my trips. I win the tourney and my friend gets second.


Bankroll:+90$ =$90