Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Vegas 2007 part 2

So we start the day going straight to the Rio. The main event had started and the line was crazy packed. We didnt want to wait and we just got peaks inside, inside was way crazy. Then we went to the gaming convention. This was the best part of the trip. Poker pros were everywhere endorsing products. They were taking photos and signoing autographs. Some of the few i met were Jonny Chan, Freddy Debb, Marcel Luske, Annie Duke, Scotty Ngyuen, and Jennifer Harmen. I will post pics when i figure out how. My friend and I waited for an hour to get into a free tournament, the only reason i waited was there were strippers at the both across from us. Technically they kept their clothes on but they were promoting a strip club. Stupid Jeffery Pollack, said no more strippers will be at the conventions in years to come. I plan to go every year to the convention. So many pro and free stuff.

I did not gamble at all in Vegas. Can you believe that!!!We gambled at a casino on the border. It was so bad, It was like a Knotts berry Farm inside a casino. They didnt have no limit poker but they had an interesting limit. It was 2$ to 6$ limit. so you could bet between 2 and 6 dollars. I lost but learned a fun game. I highly recommend the WSOP and the gaming convention, just dont gamble on the border.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Vegas 2007 part 1

So in the spur of a moment, I booked a round trip ticket to Vegas on Greyhound for only 40$. The bus right took 6 hours, and when i got to Vegas it was almost 3a.m and like 100 degrees. So I was suppose to meet up with friends and stay with them. Only problem was that i got there too late, and they were totally wasted. They couldn't pick me up let alone understand where i was. So i was stranded on Fremont Street, with no place to go or plans. So after walking up and down Fremont twice and also being offered to buy joints by two random bums, I decided i needed to get a place to stay. I went to the Golden Nugget, and lucky they were booked solid because I would have spent a lot if i got a place there. I had to call my friends again and try to figure out where they were and how to get there. It ended up taking 6 phone calls and a super nice hotel attendant to get me directions. I map-quested it gave it to a cab driver. Cab trip cost me 34$ but it was cheaper then a hotel room for sure. I got to my friends uncle place. He was passed out on the couch but my other friend was awake, not fully understandable but at least awake. I slept on the floor and and woke up the next morning at about 11. We went to my friends cousins house and showered and change. Apparently, when my friend passed out, his family and friend decided it would be nice to draw with sharpie all over him. He had some on his leg and some on his back. He thought he got it all off, but upon leaving his house we saw a huge penis on the back of his neck, but he didnt believe us. He went all day with it on his neck. We were hungry, and headed to the Rio to get food and check out the W.S.O.P.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Hustlers Reunion Tour!

So before everyone goes to graduate school or "fat" camp, the four original Hustlers, went to Hustler. I started with Omaha 3-6 kill. Well i sat down and the only person under 40 for sure. I really want to learn this game, but the play was so weak and i couldn't get a hand. I lasted two hours on 50$ before the table broke. I only played two hands to the river, i never was dealt a good hand or hit, expect once. I went back to 50nl. I started at a new table, i love that. i got off to a great start, when a guy raise just 2$ on my big blind. Like everyone called, hes been doing this 2$ raise a couple times. I have 6c 9d, and the flop is 6d-6c-10h. I check and the original raiser goes all-in. I call and one other caller. Turn is something i forgot, but the other guy went all in and i call and went to 120$ real fast.
The table was full of beginners, i was the only one who raised more then four blinds pre-flop. I quickly got the image of being a bully and just putting in nice bets when i hit pairs, and if people push all in, at this table i was 90% sure my top pair was good and won.
One hand i was the button with pocket nines. A few limpers and i make it 10 to go. One caller and someone went all in for 13$ so i couldn't raise just call. Flop is 3-7-K rainbow, first to act looks to push me around and goes all in for 30$ more. The way he acted and the time he took i knew he didn't have a king, i was so sure of it, but i just folded cause i knew he was playing crazy and the 10 i put in pre-flop wasn't that important to me. Anyway since he had to show he had 7-8 and rivered two pair. I think i made a good lay-down cause even if i was sure he didn't have a king, i dint want to risk all that money for the small pot and i knew i get him later, and i did.
Well that table broke and i cash out for 160$. I put my name on the board for the next game.
My friend Luis was playing a juicy table he already had two racks and was just watch crazy hands, i wanted his table. So as a seat opened up, some guy standing by the table sat down, and i told Paul(the coolest floor man at hustler) that that guy took my seat and I'm from a broken game. so I got the seat. This is important cause the dudes friend was sitting at the table and was mad and when the guy got to sit at my table he was still mad.
I buy in for 50$ , drain until i have 30$ left and lose it all to a flush draw, i got my money in with the best but oh well. i short buy this time for 30$. This is when thing gets fun. I get some small pots when the table tightens up. Some guy raise to 10 after i limp, with 10-9. I'm the only caller. Flop is J-10-4. I check, and this guy with 300$ plus bets 20$, i go all in for 28 total so eight more to him. I called cause i didnt care and thought since he said he was going home now that he push me with any hand. Well he had K-J and i rivered a 10 for trips. The way this guy acted you would have thought i robbed him of all 300$. so for the next 10 minutes i had to hear "you call with that, u moved all in with that?".So he stayed half hour more to complain and then left. Well the table started leaving one by one.
Then five-handed, the first hand went like this:
Button:Guy who i took friends seat
SB: Guy who's seat i took!
BB:Old lady who plays all the time there and just calls
Me: I ask my friend if i should raise blind to liven the now shorten game up, i Do.
Dealer tells me i cant straddle, i tell him its a blind raise.
Luis: Calls the four dollars
Button:Raises to 12$
Next two players fold. I look for the first time at my hand and see 10-9 again, i call.
Luis: Calls
I then check dark. Flop is 10-9-3 rainbow. I just have a big smile inside.
Luis:Checks-Button:"make it 40$"
This is when i do the Phil hellmuth and shove my chips(55$) in faster then anything. However, Luis throws in a rack too, and the button calls!!!!
Well i was 100% sure I had button beat, cause he was trying to push me around, I put Luis on a set of threes.
I show my top two pair, Luis had pocket Queens,and button has K-10. My cards held up and i cash out 190 as the table bust. I just laugh all the way to the cashiers cage.
*Two notes, the dealer shorted my 55$ buy not giving me Luis's money he just pushed his rack back to him and forgot. Luis and I talked about this hand for an hour figuring out where everyone went wrong

So i cashed out +150 including omaha and blackjack losses

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

WSOP and my demise!

Well the World Series of Poker, seems to be getting good number of entries still. Maybe the main event will be over 6000 people, i was previuosly taking the under. Hellmuth won his 11th bracelet and boy wont he tell the whole world. Another one of my favorite players, Allen Cunningham, won his 5th bracelet. He has got one 3 years in a row. I also read that this win puts him 3rd overall on the alltime money winners at the WSOP, behind Gold and Hashem. Also, Phil Ivey got second in a omaha game.

Well i made a new decision for my blog. DO NOT POST PLANS. Im not going to post about plans and goals, i think i have a curse that when i do thins go wrong. I will just stick to what happens. I lost another trip to the casino, even though i got my second quads at a casino. I had crappy tables, crappy players, and i was playing like crap as well. So I am going to go with the old crew this friday and hopefully this being our last time together we will all win big!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Summer 2007 and the World Series of Poker.

Well school is out of the way. I can proudly say I didnt fail any of my classes, two did come close though. Today is the offical start of W.S.O.P. 2007. We got like 45 days of poker action. I can't wait to go up to vegas and see the action myself. Well besides vegas i have to start a summer plan of my own. Im playing some of the best poker ive played. I know now my game is at a higher level then last year. I want to really play poker to beat the game and advance. Sounds weird but last year i was trying to go pro and was worried about money. Im still in the same financial situation as last year almost, but I now have a different outlook. The money is still money, but now im playing for just winning. Taking a bad beat is ok, and winning 200$ in a pot is nice but, on that next hand i will play it still the same way. Last year how much i won or lose in the previous had alot more of an affect on my game. If i lose 200$ last weekend(like i did), it doesnt mean if i play tonight to win that back, i just play the best i can. I would love to build up a bank roll of maybe 500$ to got to vegas, and play a few satellites.
Also, the crew i run with is all over the place now and we cant play together anymore. Some are graduating, and some went home for the summer. I will have to tell my bad beat stories to my girlfriend now, which never gets me anything other then "oh that sucks". Im not sure she nows what a one outter for a few hundred feels like, but at least i get it off my chest.
I need to recruit more members of the crew, anyone in the L.A. area wanna join?

Also, i do have a few friends that want to learn and i forgot how i cant take them to hustlers and say "here after you lose 200$ ill teach u what u did wrong". Teaching is a lot harder now that i know so much. I cant explain pot odds and how to call a person with ace high if u think they are bluffing, unless i start with things like bluffing and sizes of bets. Also teaching poker is so hard cause like golf not everyone plays it the same way. I might be tight agressive but someone might be good at bluffing and calls bets i wouldnt even consider. I think u can only teach basics and strategy and the rest will just evolve with play.

Heres to the summer! Shuffle up and deal!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lady Luck stole my money!

Ok, so i knew the down side of poker would show its face again. I went to hustler again. Let me say first that they now have an elctronic poker table. I did not like it that much. Well I loss two of the biggest pots i was invovled in, with pocket Kings.
So first table i was playing aggressive as the table was real tight. I got my 50$ intial buy in up to about 135. I was late postion with Kc-Kd. I raise 10$, cause this table never raised so i wasnt sure what was normal. I got two callers, both of them were the blinds. Flop is Jh-10d-6s. First to act bets 25$ and he bets it strong, i pick this up as weak. Well next to act think for a while and calls. I see 50$ plus the pot, i know no matter what i raise ill be committed on the turn. I read them both as weak so i push exactly 125$ all-in. First guy i had right, he said "well ill gamble" and is all in for 100$, well the second guy takes a long time and finally calls, problem is he had a white chip(100$) that i dint see and covers me. Well turn and river are blanks. I show a pair ok Kings, first guy shows A-J. However the second guy shows Jc-10c for top two pair. I didnt think they both had such good jacks, and i didnt read the other guy as so good but he said he thought i had a set.
Lesson learned: Don't try to push everyone at a new table, and look to see what color chips everyone has.

Second hand, second table for me. I have 8c,8d. The woman who is first to act raises to 8$. I call and so do 4 other players. Flop is what i prayed for, Qd, 8s, 6s. The lady bets 10$, and i smooth call thinking it will be me and her and i can let her be aggressive, well i get 2 other callers behind me. So I tell myself if no spade hits ill push. Turn was 10c. She bets 10$ again. I push all in for 45$, everyone folds. She thinks and says she cant get away from the hand and think i have a straight but know if i do. Well she calls and the river is the Ks. Well she had pocket Kings. Wait, the other guy showed and told that he folded K-Q when i pushed all in. She hit a one outer on me to take my second biggest pot of the night. I handled this just as cool as if nothing happened, i am glad how well i took it, but i could have used the money instead of the tilt lesson.


Friday, May 11, 2007

My interview with Daniel Negreanu!!!!!

OK so the day seemed to start like a boring crappy day but ended up so weird and strange. I had to go to the Burbank Airport and pick up my dad. Well I had no idea what flight he was on, all i knew was Southwest. So I'm looking through the airport to get information and I'm looking at the line for southwest. My mind clicks and i back up 2 steps and i see Daniel Negreanu in line. I see him walking down the terminal and that's when i have my oh so professional and exciting interview with him. Here it goes word for word:
Me: Hi Daniel!
Daniel: Hey
Me: You heading to another tournament?
Daniel: No, I'm going home.

And that was my first interview with a pro poker player, so not too bad of a start.

So, later on my friend invites me too the casino. My friend doesn't play much real money poker, and only wants to play for 40$. We decided Hawaiian Gardens because of the 20$ no limit tables they have. Ok so we are on our way and my Friend is driving his car, and when we get off the freeway he stops at a 7-11 and has to get money. Well we get back in the car and his car wont shift gears and the car is stuck in park. So my friend goes back inside and says "hey my car wont run, please don't tow me, my friend and I are going to the casino, and we will come back and fix it in a couple hours". We then walk 2 blocks and walk in the Hawaiian gardens "Tent". ITS A TENT, for a poker room! They start a brand new game and blinds are 1-1. I hate this game, its like a freeroll with fake chips. I do not even attempt to play seriously. i hit a pair I'm moving in. So i get down to like 5$ then i go all in dark, and chop, next hand i go all in dark and lose. So i buy back in and i ask my friend "you dare me to go all in dark again". he dares me before the cards are dealt, but he was first to act and raise to 3$, i went all in dark. i expected no one to call. However 5 people call and my friend was number 6. So anyway Some donkey had pocket aces and it held up to scoop the pot. my friend had pocket tens. I actually had the third best hand with A 9. that's how ridiculous the table was. 6 people all in preflop and only 2 had pocket pairs, and i had an ace for the third best hand. Yeah so i blew my winning streak and lost a stupid 80$ on a stupid game i had no business playing.
Lessons learned:
1. next time i meet a pro have something better to say.
2. Never ride in my friends car again.
3. Never play 20$ no limit again
4. Never buy in, and go all in dark in the first hand!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Nice run now time for a vacation.

Well i just came off one of the best months I ever had playing poker, and it was all cash games. However, I'm not that good yet and i still have to go to school. This month is finals and i have to concentrate on these last few weeks so i can play poker all summer!(jk)
I want to take about strategy and other things i learned in poker. I play so much cash games this year, that i now dislike tournaments. My game has got so much better and its really built on cash games. what helped was playing a regular game and with regular buy in and people. I can try new things and learn so much from the other players i play with. Instead of playing with some for one night or just until you bust them. Also playing with the same people every week, is more challenging cause they know my game as much as i know theirs. So changing your game and playing different styles is so helpful.
I use to be a tight aggressive player, but i realize i wouldn't get involved into many pots, and people knew what kind of hands i played and wouldn't get involved with me for large pots. I learn to loosen up and play different hands and play them differently. I have been tearing up the cash games for a month now. A made about a thousand dollars in the last month and a half. I really think i should try to start a bankroll this summer but still considering.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What a nice ride!

well poker definitely is a roller coaster ride. The beginning of the year i was definitely stuck in the lows. However, now I'm doing real well. I went back to my home away from home, Hustler Casino. Bought into the 50 nl, 1-2 blinds game. I got to sit at the special table that Larry has set up for his famous Stud game. This table was like amateur night. It was like the opposite of that famous saying, cause in the the first half hour i was trying to find who wasn't a fish!
within 10 minutes of play i am BB, with QQ, a few limper's, guy to my right raises to 8, I rereaise to 20$, he reraises me all in for 50$. Now i call cause i think its just one of those cooler decks i hit right when i sit down. But, NO joke he had 10,9 Off suit!. He showed too.
That first hand scared me cause i hate playing at tables where people wont fold. But luckily it just got better from there.
the next two hands happened with the same guy within ten minutes, and i guess he had a bad memory caused he still didn't learn his lesson. I'm Sb, I get KK. Everyone limps like always, i make it 15 to go. He says "u got a small pocket, I'm all in". I call he has 88. I get 100$ from him. He goes to the atm comes back. One round later I'm the button with AA, i make it 15! agian, He says the same thing and pushes all in for 50$ with Ak off suit. Thank you Hustler for ATM's!
Now my biggest hand of the night was with the very first guy who doubled me up first. I have AA on the button. (i know im soooo lucky). He make it 10, i make it 30, he calls. (There was no hand this guy folded when he raised and was rerasied all night!) flop is safe- Ks,3h,7h. he bets 10 , and i bet 40$ cause this guy is lose and could have anything and will call anything. Turn is the worse card for me Kd. I hate it cause i thought he could only call my flop raise with a King. However, he opens his mouth,"Now i know u don't have a king and bets 20$" I was so sure he didn't have the king when he said that cause he talked like that all night, kind of like jaime gold trying to bully. I pushed all in for 145$ total, but man was my heart beating. I just sat and prayed he didn't instant call. Well he took like 2 minutes and said he folded a flush draw, and i believe him but i knew this guy could not be stop by a small bet.
I cash out 310$( so +260)

with that and the small win at the cash game at my house that puts me at 310 for the week. I'm almost at 600 for the month! later

Monday, March 26, 2007

Still got it!

Well I got peer pressured to go back to the casino. Poker is like that saying, "if you fall you have to get back on the horse". I made a trip with the whole crew to Hustler Casino in Gardena, CA. I signed up for 50 nl. The best floorman, Paul, told me they were starting a new table in just a bit. So we all go to the new Crystal room, the new add on to Hustler. Well it was a dream table with an all star cast of rookies and donkies, I also had one hell of a run of cards. For example very first hand im big blind and crack aces with J4 of clubs, cause the guy had no idea how to play them. The very next hand i get AJ and flop is 10, J,10 and the same guy gives me more money without showing his hand. So before must people have played a hand, i have literally more then doubled up by the same guy. I now have a good stack of 105 and dont look back for another couple hours. I seriously felted at LEAST 6 people, one hand two people with a turned nut flush. The craziest hand however made me a lot money and when i called i thought i was beat first.:

I am the small blind and get dealt QQ. (info: this table is full of limpers, im the only person who would raise more then 3 blinds pre-flop) I get maybe 6 limpers when the action is on me. I raise to 12 total.(blinds are a 1-2$). I get one caller in late postion, not good, but what can i expect with small blind. The worst flop, A, 10 K, rainbow. I check and he checks. I forgot to mention that a know very lil about this player, he is a young kid, my age, and he came to the tabel with his friend who is very aggressive, and they look a like so i think they look alike, but i dont remember him playing many hands. Turn is 4 of spades, making two spades now on the board. I check, he bets 4$. I call cause the pot is a lil over 30$ and 4$ i cant fold even if im beat. Ok, so the turn is great, the J of spades. I hit a gut shot and bet 10$, this is where things get crazy. Im looking down the whole time with my hat real low, all i see is his fingers touching his chips, he pauses and look up. He then stops touching his chips and looks at the dealer, and softly says "im all in".
Decision time: I have 250$ he went all in for 60$ more. I automatically think he has a flush, but then i think more into it. He called my raise pre-flop, check the flop, and bet 4$ on the turn. The four dollars on the turn seem like flush draw, but i cant see him checking an ace high flush draw on the flop or betting so small with it. I put him on two-pair or KQ for a straight. For some i look at him and dont put him on a monster, he wouldnt raise all in with the nuts cause i only put 10$ in, and he looked at the dealer. So, i take a 30 second decision, and call cause im up 200 and if i lose im still in a good position, and i have that gut feeling this hand is weird. I say "i call u got the flush?" He shows and Ace then a 6, i look to see the board one more time, i couldnt figure it out, but i showed my straight and raked the pot. i guess he read me as week, cause i checked, check-called. His read was good except when i hit the river.

This session i cashed out +250, and gave me a weekly total of +310. I guess my crappy streak is not so bad anymore

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The good old days

Well my poker year didn't last long.

I can only remember the good old days when donkeys were wanted and paid you off. Now days all i get is bad beats. The last month and a half I would say i have had just terrible luck. I will have the best hand with my money in preflop 90% of the time 80% after the flop and still lose. I say that i lost 80% of my hands by bad beats. i have try different games and structures but cant get my hands to stay the winner. This is the hardest working semester i have ever had and i need to do so much to just stay with the classes. I dont have a ton of extra cash anymore and cant win more then a dime here and there. So i am officialy announcing my retirement from poker.(until schools over). I might play one tourney a month though just for fun, the one with friends and low buy in. Im not giving up poker at all though. It is my dream and I will always breath and sleep poker, but now i have to concentrate on bigger priorities.

The WPT is town this week and the table is on my day off so i might go see it but, i highly doubt i have that much extra time.

Bye Poker!(this feels worse then breaking up with my gf)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Doctors Orders

Im kinda sick and doctor told me to stay home from work, so I got to go back to my old job at Hustler!
Well i went back to Hustler and waited like 30 minutes for a table which is way longer then normal. I got to a table with four people over the one rack mark two of which were had two racks. The play was tight and friendly. I made a lil profit with KK vs. an all in preflop against AK of spades i hate going against AK but someone folded AJ. I unfortunately busted my friend with 99, i was going to raise pre-flop but he did my work for me and we got 4 callers to the flop. Flop was 5,10,5. Everyone checked and my friend last to act pushed his last 25$ in and i Instant called for two reasons, I knew my friend had Ak or AQ or a real small pocket. i also instant called so i looked strong and no one else called. He had AJ and my hand held up.

I made it up to about 130$ when this hand came up. I am small blind with 5c6c. A very tight player raises to ten no callers and im feeling lucky and loose so I call. Heads up to he flop. Flop is Ac 6s 8c. I check and the pre-flop raiser bets 15$. i for sure put him on an ace but not that strong maybe A10 or A9. I call thinking that i hit my club i can make money and i feel i might be able to push him off his hand cause he is so tight. Turn i dont remember exactly it wasnt my club and it wasnt paint. I reached for chips and about to move them into the pot when i hear "twenty", i look up and the guy jumped the gun. This got me off my thoughts for a lil. I thought about his hand as maybe now a better Ace but nothing more, and i thought about pushing my whole stack now but i thought he might not fold a strong Ace. I call. The river is Kc. I check, im tryin to represent a weak ace. He bets 20 again. i look at him then i look at my stack and i have 85 behind i take only a second then say im all-in. well he called it look a few seconds but i knew he didnt have me beat. I threw my flush across the board and he showed AK, so the king of clubs on the river made me more then i thought. I love the check on the river caused i played it exactly like i wanted him to think i had a weaker ace. I knew he would bet the river caused thats all he liked to do was bet the river. I took a 280$ pot and cashed out an hour after with 200$ profit.

Bankroll=+200,-10(tuesday tournament) =$480

Friday, January 12, 2007

The house that Larry built!

Well I have been Quite busy lately. Not as busy as a few of crew members. Two of my friends set a new record they played in the casino 28 hours straight!(im so jealous) So they came back told us about thier run and then they went back with me and my friends for another 6 hour run just with a two hour break. Well I made 102$ with just small pots nothing really big.
I went back another day and my cards were getting colder and colder but since it was 4 in the morning they decided to move our table from the outside to a closer table with a card shuffler. Same people same seats just a table change. I was conused on the blinds and thought i was BB. The dealer said you going to stradle, i said no, but my friend told me to do it anyway. After 5 limpers i decide to look at my cards and wouldnt you know it Aces!!! I raise 20$ and get one caller, then i do a lil show and stop the dealer from flopping the cards and announce "All in dark". He called and i won.(Stradles are fun.) As i said earlier my cards were not the greatest so i had o bluff. my bluffs were going great that night. My first round at the table i decided to play loose. I have K5os in middle postion. Two other players were in for the flop. Flop is AQ5 rainbow. I bet 10 thinking that no one wold sit with an ace in the back without raising. I get 1 callers, not good but improvement. Turn i dont remeber, i just know it wasnt a scare card and i bet 15 and get called again. I got the read that he didnt have an ace but he thought i didnt have an ace either. So on the river i didnt even look at the card i just made my move and pushed my last 28$ into the pot. He said he thought i was bluffing but he didnt have a calling hand. A pull off a number of these and what gave me an advantage was i never showed a hand, people thought i was bluffing but they never had justifcation for feelings so they cant call.I won 75$ this session.

Bankroll=+177 = $290

Monday, January 08, 2007

A Ron Jeremy film?

Saturday, me and 3 friends went to an abandoned warehouse in Los Angeles to be extras in a poker movie. It's a small independent movie called "The River" and the kicker is Ron Jeremy plays a character in it. Well me and my friends got to be shot as crap players in an alley and Final Table audience and background poker players. However, me and my friends weren't acting we really were playing poker and other games for money, we got bored so we started playing hold-em and Posoi(spelling?). We really got into it and the director and other actors would just watch us play. A funny thing was we were playing at table on the side and out of the way, until they setup the table next to us and just started filming without asking us to move. Right before one take my friend got really excited caused he finally won a hand and he jumped up and threw up his arms right before the director said action, I thought we were going to get in major trouble but the director laughed and said"ok backgrounds ready, action". It was a half day shoot and unfortunately we never got to meet Ron.

Well me and friends couldn't let the lil action we got on set to fill our poker needs. So we set up a cash game at a friends near by house. The game was 10$ max buy in NLHM blinds .10-.20, so easy for me to say this didn't make me to happy. I easily dumped 20$ trying to call everything and bluff everyone. I was bored and could care less until more people showed up and I saw that they knew nothing. I took my last seven dollars and outplayed everyone until I cashed out 50 and me and my friend were the only ones with money.

Bankroll:+23 =113$

Friday, January 05, 2007

2007! I'm Back!

It has been a long time since I posted anything. I have a new years resolution to post at least once a week. I want to post more about tourneys, poker news, and hands I played. I do not play online hardly anymore. I have just been playing tourneys and cash games in my local area.

Every Tuesday night I play a two table 10$ buy-in NLHM tournament. The structure is as follows:200 in chips blinds 1-2, they go up every 15 minutes and they when someone bust. Also there is unlimited rebuys for the first hour and you get the full 200 in chips.Usually we get a minimum of 15-16 people and pay top four or five if more players pot with rebuys averages 200+.

So without and rebuys and a medium stack I make the final table of 8 players. I would say im third in chips in the beginning. We finally get to six handed and blinds are 20-40 and I have 350 in chips. I get pocket tens twice in about one round. I do exactly the same thing both times.I went all in to steal the blinds and limpers because the table is loose and with tens I don't want to see a flop.No action on the first pocket tens, but the second time I got called by KK. Well today I guess luck was on my side and I spiked a 10. I after we counted chips I realized he had more then me by just a lil and that my tournament life was at stake.

Now down to the money, we are four handed. I am the big blind and blinds are 30-60 with 3s 4s. There is a minimum raise from the first to act player and the following players goes all-in but doesn't have enough to cover the raise, so I call cause it not much to me and I'm already invested in the pot halfway and I can knock out a player. The flop is Jc 3d 7c. I check think it will be checked through until someone makes a hand to bust the all-in player. The pre-flop raiser bets, I immediately say "why the hell you do that I know you don't have anything why are u betting so much to get me out and let him win".With just bottom pair I angrily folded as he showed A8 offsuit and got beat by AQ no pairs.So I would have won and knocked him out but this guy didn't know any poker etiquette and bet into an empty pot. People told him how stupid he was and he shouldn't do that and I yelled at him just a lil bit(haha).

Final 3.(blinds 40-80)Again in the big blind and chip leader. The same guy from before minimum raises, the small calls and I look down at 2h3h.(I personally call this card the "Jordan"). I get a great flop A33. Small checks and I check, pre-flop raiser goes all-in and small folds and I call. He has A9, rivers a nine for two pair but still no good against my trips. I win the tourney and my friend gets second.


Bankroll:+90$ =$90