Monday, July 31, 2006

Top Pair Donkeys (TPD)

I think I found a virus that seems to be affecting many FTP poker players. It has been call Top Pair Disease(TPD)
It symptoms include calling all-ins with just top pair, and no other draws. Players will hit the all in bottom or call but with just top pair. This disease causes players to get stacked or even fall to the rail, some even as severe as losing entire bankrolls. This outbreak can be contagious so don't let it happen to you. Please see the following Medical Warning from Dr. Edsup23:

Now the next, I had AA, and everyone will probably say of course you won with rockets. This is more of a lesson then an example of how to play AA. I'm BB and middle position raise .75 and sb calls and I raise $2. Both player call. Flop is Q105. Check and I bet $5, fold and a call. The turn is 7. Check. So with no straight or flush I just put the person all in. This person thinks for a while and calls for $20. Showing KQ , just top pair. I see a lot of online players playing top pairs like top sets. I don't know how far they read into poker, but one pair can be beat by a lot of thing. There is a good article by Andrew Feldman of espn, talking about this problem. I recommend going to this site and reading up on it.

I think if this person also played top pair badly. If he hit top pair he should of bet or check raise me, instead of just check call. I could of had Ak or JJ, and with those hands I might have folded. On the turn, the card didnt help him and I dont know why he would commit so much to a pot he wasnt to committed too anyway. That is my biggest money maker, more then sets, people will pay off their top pair for no reasoning at all. I dont know if this is only low level NLHM or all, but I'm sure it is close.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Roller Coaster of a Weekend

First off i have to say that The Wsop Main Event started friday, and there is over 8,500 people so far and they are till taking people up until monday. My set bet (look at previos post) is looking good as Ivey, Cunningham, and Juanda, all survived day 1. Raymer is still trying to keep in it with a short stack and Howard L. busted. For my friend, Hellmuth, Matesow, and Boyd all busted.

This weekend I spent 80% of my time on Full Tilt Poker. I am trying to make $500 by the end of next month. I currently got $200 but it took me 2 days and to get to the level TWICE! Saturday night I was on a crazy rush i was stacking donkeys left and right. I got $203 and was going to quit but i decided to finish the round before this happened.

-UTG I have QsQc I raise $2 (.10-.25 Nl). I do this to pick up the blinds and go to sleep. Next to act calls and last to act reraises to $6. This person I note as tight aggresiive. I wanted to fold right away but being online poker, it was just a click away to call.
HU. The Flop is 10h7h4d. I check, he checks. turn is 8h. I bet 6$ cause i think he has AK and I want to see if he has Heart. he calls. Turn is Kh. I check and he checks He had KK. I dont know whick of us play that hand wrong, but it was a very weird hand.

So, I'm down but not out and i decided to grind away and make it back. Then I run into a magical donkey.

I have A10 of diamonds. I raise $1.50 (5xbb) one caller. Flop is 5d5h2d. They check, I bet pot. They call. The turn is 4d, giving me Ace high flush. They bet $5, I see they have $6 left so i put them all in. They call right away. He shows 7c7d. I was about to type SHIP IT , when the river was 7h. A two outer for 2/3 of my stack and a nice profit for the night. I say this donkey was magical because it not only suck out and play horribly, but it caused me to tilt and play like a donkey. I should have listened to my boy killerbee24(sorry bro u were right!) and quit. But i decided i drop all my night's hard work in about an hour.

I didnt sleep to well. I woke up told my gf to get me a pizza and a soda and i went back to FTP. I played ok, and made 20$, but my gf really wanted me to take her somewhere and she kept rushing me and that made me lose that lil money i made.
So. i get to her house and go on a donkey killing spree. These are the two main hands that got me t my goal of $200

I have 44 middle position, and as with all low pocket pairs limp. Behind me raises to $1, making it .75c to call and i do. The Flop is with 3 players. Flop: JdQd4s. 1st bets 2$, I raise $5. The pre-flop raiser reraise the minimum $8. 1st goes all in for just the $8, I go all in for my stack of about 25$, The other guy calls. 1st has Qc9c last has AsAh. So im a huge favorite. The turn is THE ACE OF DIAMONDS. I almost shot myself when i saw that, The river is the Kd. I see that there is now a flush and im so mad, I Look right and see no diamond, i look to my left and see no diamond, then i see That i have the 4 of diamonds.
I stacked two players with the best hand on the flop and got lucky on the river.

I have AA and I am the button. Middle late Postion raise to .50c one caller before I raise $1. He then raises me $2 then I resise him $4 and this was all so fast that guess we both just had our mouses over th raise button. He decides to go all in and I call. AA vs. KK and this time it stayed the favorite. He had about $30 and was surpised at him going all in when i reraise all of his raises.

So now im at my goal. And I plan to make $100 each week from now on, with that being a very accessible goal, i dont have to play every morning til 3 am.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Time spent at the WSOP!

The World Series of Poker is the biggest and best poker tournament in the world. There is just no compettion for it. So, of course I donated $1000 to the cause, just so I could say I played in it. My event, #17 NLHM- no rebuy, had 2,891 entries and a close to 3 million dollar prize pool. They only had 206 tables and they tried to sit as many people as possible, by making all tables 11 handed. That still wasn't enough because they had over 600 alternates standing in line waiting for a seat.

As soon the dealer began to deal the second hand the tournamnet announcer said, "Ladies and Gentlemen if your still in you have out lasted one player". The place was laughing. I thought to myself wow that donkey must feel bad busting out in the first hand and having everyone laugh. Later I found out that donkey was Joe Hachem, last years Main Event winner.

I played real tight and just never got any good cards. When I did did a hand like 1010, I had to fold it when AA and KK wouldn't stop reraising each other. I was so mad that KK was directly on my right and just busted by AA directly on my left. I just wish I was one seat over. I lasted barely four hours when, I got QJos UTG and limped, hit top two pair on the flop of QJ10 and pushed all in and got called by the straight of 98. I picked up my stuff and went back to my hotel.

I went back to the Rio, to get my free dinner for playing in the WSOP. Actually, come to think of it that dinner cost me $1000! After dinner I decided to see what cash games were going on. I saw a huge cash game with, Kenna James, Joe Hachem, John Robere'(spelling), Andrew Black, Joe Awada, Antonio Esfandari, and other players I have never seen on TV. They play NLHM blinds 100-200. They had all had $100,000 minimum in front of them, cash and chips.

Two funny hands from the game:
On the turn Joe Awada bet 10K, Kenna James called. On the river Joe checked and Kenna says "You want to chop". Joe says "ok". When Antonio heard this he jumps from his seat and in a jokingly matter says,"What the hells going on, Lets all chop $50K pots, I don't know about you guys but IM trying to work. I cant work where they chop everybot after betting the whole way. I retire." He then walks away and the tables is laughing and he comes back in 10 minutes and continues playing.
They also had prop bets going on at the table.One was who ever could bluff with a 72. One guy bet on the turn and his opponent folded. He scooped a couple thousand dollar pot, but when he showed his cards the players at the table tossed him $100 chips. So he made like $5K with a 72, typical pro stuff!

While watching the table, Shannon Elizabeth came up to Antonio and asked for a back rub and poker tips I was uh....getting a look at her poker skills *wink wink*, I heard her say she is in the money of the tournament I busted from, and suddenly I realized she wasn't that attractive after all.

I cant wait to see who wins the main event this year and take the $10 million prize. I have a bet with my friend, we both picked fives guys and we bet who will make it the farthest and hopefully win the main event. I picked Phil Ivey, Greg Raymer, Allen Cunningham, Howard ledeher, and john Juanda. He picked Dutch boyd, Erik Siedel, Jonny Chan, Mike Matesow, Phil Hellmuth. So obiously I'm going to win.

Donkeys have invaded Omaha

im trying to finish the night with some peacful lil .5c 10c. omaha hi only.
then i get attacked by donkeys!
look at this Donkey trying to give his money away:
i have AA28
flop is A49 rainbow. First to act bets min. I raise pot, next to act raises pot, and last to act calls(noah07), first to act folds, I reraise all in. Everyone calls. turn is K and river is a 3. im thinking nuts. but wait donkey call two reraise pots with just a gut shot when he held one of the 3;s take the pot down leaving me a lil less then i started.. oh yeah his hand has 5239!
a two/three outer for 10$ in a .5 .10cent game. I lost a 15$ pot and i flop top set.!no flush or straight possible.

That is your defintion of a donkey. But, hey a donkeys got eat sometime, I just hate being their lunch.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Rookie year

Ok, so I decided to start this so I can be a follower. I'm going to try to keep this site updated with my poker life, experience, and knowledge.

A lil info on me:
I have been playing poker for almost two years now. At least one of those years has been playing for money. I play home games, casinos, and when im bored online. During the school im grinding it out constantly, playing every game I can find and I even host a number of games. I play all levels, it just depends on my mood and my bankroll at the time. I play 50nl at Hustler, in Gardena, CA, 1 play .5cent and .10cent blinds online, and I have even played in Event #17 of the WSOP($1,000 NLHM no re-buy). So I have a wide range of games i like to play. Recently, i just learned Omaha and im having fun with that game right now.

Where im at right now in poker:
Right now I've quit going to live games, and im only playing onilne. Im playing Full Tilt. I am starting to play SNG's and have got 40 into 150 since last friday, and im trying to get it to 500 by end of summer. I have some help from a group of guys who are Full tilt and online pros. helping me. They go by the name "The Coolers". I added their link to my page so anyone can go check them out, they are very helpful and great players.